Creativity to Nourish the Soul - Inspiring Affirmation Mandala

Lyn HWN mandala horiz

Greetings Fellow Adventurers 

Well, what a dynamically challenging and diverse time we are living through. There is, however, much richness and lessons we can learn from this experience that we are each individually experiencing as unique fractal aspects of the whole. Based on the geometry of our inner nature, our lives will be unfolding and revealing parts of ourselves that need nurturing and illuminating. As the light pours into this plane of reality, we are granted the opportunity for accentuated transmutation and catalytic growth, allowing us to see and let go of that which no longer serves us as we co-create New Earth.

"Every Shadow Contains a Gift"  Gene Keys, Richard Rudd

As our roles and process during this great transitional period are naturally individualised, the tools and strategies we use to maintain our calm centre point may also hold personal resonance. Whatever we know that maintains our balance, doing them is the key. Practice beats theory.

Maintaining our centre then empowers us, so we can respond to life with the right action that is congruent with our values and our greater mission in life.

Creativity in all its forms, is one such practice that is the ultimate salve for a tender heart.

As we tap into our inner inspiration, we loosen up the currents of life force that may have become constricted within us as the pressure of the cooking pot we can easily find ourselves being dunked in, may exasperate even the hardiest of warriors, determined to slay the beast and bring forth sense to the minds of our fictitious leaders.

Today, I would like to highlight a precious mandala that was beautifully crafted by one of our treasured Health Wisdom Network members.

She uses her artistic talent and craftsmanship as an outlet for her creativity. This, i'm sure, provides great therapeutic value.

Below is a mandala she created featuring some conscious affirmations. Each phrase contains supportive words of wisdom that can penetrate through the veil of our mind and pour deeper into our being. Please take some time to contemplate and see what resonates.

Lyn HWN mandala horiz

By sharing this, I hope it inspires your own creative outpouring in whatever form that may take, whether dance, craft-work, writing, art or musical.

We send you many blessings for your life

Quinn :-)


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