The Evolution of Healthcare: Are new insights in biophysics changing our perception of health and healing?

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By Quinn Bluewood, 2016
We're living in dynamic and interesting times, especially for those interested in health and healing. Is this the dawn of Quantum Biology?   

As in all scientific endeavours, our understanding of a subject grows piece by piece with the occasional discovery that leads to a paradigm shift within the field.  With the integration of knowledge from within the fields of biology, chemistry and physics, advancements in technology and the wisdom of ancient healing systems, we are continually expanding our awareness of the world outside and within us. This is certainly the case regarding the area of human health. While it seems there are increasing numbers of mystery diseases appearing and an exponential growth of many chronic diseases that were extremely rare 50 years ago, opportunities for fortifying and supporting our body's innate healing capabilities are also becoming more abundant. However, the development and integration of such knowledge has not always been supported and has indeed met much resistance. Even in current times, many physicians and scientists who are viewing health from a whole person perspective have to be very mindful of the way they share their knowledge.

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Some History in Modern Medicine
Conventional allopathic medicine emphasising the use of pharmaceuticals became the corner stone of the mainstream western approach to health during the 20th Century. It could be viewed that this dominance was assisted by substantial financial investment of certain key companies and individuals seeking to profit from such an approach. Historically, we can observe many possible opportunities to develop a more holistic and effective approach to health care within the mainstream model. However, it appears that holistic approaches were met with considerable resistance , curtailing their integration.

In 1910, a reform of the American medical system, detailed in the Flexner Report was initiated. This report dictated which approach to health had efficacy and which did not. While this type of assessment is very sensible to safeguard against charlatans being licensed as medical doctors with inadequate training, there existed an opportunity for manipulation of the education system for corporate gain. This Machiavellian influence still persists in many sectors of our education systems today.

The impact of the Flexner Report led to training and education in competitive therapies, like homeopathy and other naturopathic approaches to health, being discontinued in many universities. Many other therapies including chiropractic care were labelled ‘quackery’, discredited and suppressed in such ways. In fact, in 1987, the United States Supreme Court found the American Medical Association (AMA) guilty of conspiring to conduct an illegal boycott of Chiropractors.

Since its development in the early 1900's, mainstream medicine has reported and been credited for many scientific breakthroughs such as antibiotics and vac inations. While these modalities could be viewed as life saving in certain circumstances, the detrimental effects of the overuse, misuse or incomplete understanding of action, is becoming more and more evident as the research progresses.

In the case of antibiotics, their overuse has led to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, which is proving to be very dangerous to vulnerable individuals in hospital and community settings. There is increasing understanding of the detrimental effect of antibiotics on our gut health and microbiome. Antibiotics can kill pathogenic bacteria that cause harmful infections; however, they also kill our beneficial probiotic species within our intestines. The result is reduced microorganism diversity within our gut and the prevalence of antibiotics resistant species. This can lead to a whole host of issues including yeast and fungal overgrowth like Candida Albicans. Pathogenic microbiome imbalance occurs when the beneficial bacteria that would normally maintain balance are diminished in number.

Our microbiome also has a massive impact on our immune system, our mood via the gut brain connection, nutrient absorption and digestion and even on the epigenetic expression of our genes. This altered immune response has been correlated with the exponential increase of people suffering with auto immune conditions.

In the late 1800's two microbiologists, Pasteur and Bechamp were developing somewhat competing theories for the explanation of disease creation, both regarding how microorganisms effect us and why infections occur.

Bechamp's terrain theory of disease demonstrates that microorganisms can pleomorph depending on the environment they are living in, i.e. the environmental conditions of the body such as pH, oxygen levels and toxicity etc. However, it was Pasteur's germ model of disease that was adopted as the working model. So when in 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, there was obvious excitement regarding the ability to stop infectious disease processes. And indeed, antibiotics were successful at their intended job, at least for a while.

Since Bechamp's work on the terrain theory of disease, many other researchers have developed his theory further.  The quality of the blood can be observed via live blood cell microscopy. Using this tool, we can observe microorganisms pleomorph into more advanced lifeforms under more adverse conditions like reduced oxygen and toxicity. This situation can then be reversed when the terrain of the body is returned to more optimal conditions for healthy human cells to function within. Maybe if insights from Bechamp's research was incorporated into the conventional medical approach, the commonly held notion to kill all bacteria would be tempered somewhat. Fortunately, the awareness that we are a living, walking ecosystem is growing with increasing research into the microbiome.

Natural health practitioners as far back as Hippocrates and beyond have long understood the terrain concept and recognise the importance of assisting the body to maintain its optimal inner environment for vibrant health. This is often achieved by emphasising the importance of supporting our body's detoxification systems with hydration, nutrition and ensuring the channels of elimination are clear so the lymphatic system can drain sufficiently. Incorporating this understanding and appropriate actions to rebalance the terrain of the body can greatly enhance health. We can assist the body's self healing mechanisms by removing the toxic substances that maybe creating distortion fields within the body, allowing the proliferation of pathogens. Energetic or informational healing is also valuable here to harmonize the field to be more coherent, thus changing the terrain.

Unfortunately, toxicity is not really emphasized as a major contributor to disease processes in conventional medicine, unless it is from a significant acute exposure, for example, ingesting a quantity of lead that then requires chelation with EDTA to immediately reduce levels. This is partly due to the assumption that our body, in particular our liver and kidneys can detoxify environmental toxins adequately, so pose no real threat. However, the accumulative health impact of long term and multiple exposures to toxic chemicals like agricultural pesticides and other environmental pollution is becoming more obvious in the 21st century. The detrimental effect of which can often impact later generations as epigenetic changes are handed down the family line via transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

In the case of va cinations, we can see correlations of benefits by observing reducing numbers of certain childhood infections, however, other childhood and adult illnesses are skyrocketing. There is more and more evidence that vac inations are contributing to autoimmunity and many other degenerative diseases, often much worse that the ones they are supposed to prevent. There are many other ways to support immunity than to inject neurotoxins and immune system altering adjuvents into young children. I have personally witnessed the suffering exacerbated by such unanimous use of blanket va cination programs. 

For the majority of conditions, conventional medicine has also relied on the use of pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms presented by their patients. While many of these may be useful and even lifesaving in acute situations or specialist enzyme deficiency disorders, for chronic conditions it is often a different story. Many of these drugs have multiple side effects that often require a further medication to suppress the symptoms of the side effects of the original drug, thus creating further imbalance.

Looking back now, we can see that the over arching mechanism that was promoted to support the allopathic pharmaceutical model was the chemical model of healthcare, relying on principles in biochemistry to effect and manipulate the body's processes. However, it is becoming clearer more than ever the limitations of such an approach. A variation of the phrase 'Better living through chemistry' was used by the chemical corporation,  DuPont through most of the 20th Century that epitomises the existing mentality that man could better nature. This mindset was also used to promote formula milk as being more nourishing than human breast milk for infants.

Even within the field of nutritional biochemistry where their exists insightful work into the understanding of our biochemical metabolism, the use of synthetic vitamins must be used wisely so as not to throw the body out of balance. This is one reason why it is generally advisable to obtain nutrition from nutrient dense foods where possible. This is also where using therapies in isolation is often not enough to fully restore health in many individuals as the whole person is not being addressed. 

The body is such a complex organism with a symphony of thousands of chemical reactions happening in every cell every second, all in seemingly perfect synchronisation, when healthy at least. The existing biochemical model of understanding biology can't explain this synchronisation alone. There has to be field interactions at play and this is where quantum biology comes in. The book 'Life on the edge: The coming age of quantum biology' is reportedly an excellent introduction to this field.

With the development of new technologies and understanding in biophysics over recent decades, we have entered a new realm of bioenergetic and informational healthcare that stands at the forefront of science.

Fractal Holography, Water Science, Superconductivity, Microtubules, Femptobiology, Morphic Resonance Fields, Information Transfer, Bose Einstein Condensates (M-state, Ormus, Manna), Holographic Structures in Space, Global Scaling, Space Resonance Matching, Coherence, Cymatics, Consciousness, Information Imprinting and Induction, Liquid Crystalline Structures, Biophotons, Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED) fields, Phonons, the Heart field and Heart Rate Variability, Bioacoustics, Resonant Frequency Patterns, Microbiome Biophotonic Communication and Crystallography are just some of the areas i'm excited to be learning about.

But is this approach to health really new?

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Well, we can see in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the ancient Indian health care system of Ayurveda the recognition of an underlying energetic make up to the body. The Taoists traced the meridians and the Indians traced the Nadi's and the Chakras, energy channels and energy vortex's respectively. These are well established modalities and are successful in many circumstances to this day. But going back even further into our ancestry, we have generations of shamans that understood and intuited the energetic fabric of the universe.

When these ancient healthcare systems were originally introduced to the west in the 20th century, the majority of mainstream medics and scientists dismissed these ancient traditions as not credible or as mere superstition, as they could not be completely explained by the existing paradigm based upon perspectives using Newtonian reductionism.

Those types of therapies are also more challenging to test against the gold standard of conventional medicine, the double blind placebo controlled study. It's not really possible in Ayurveda to give a placebo enema used in panchakarma for example.

This high regard of the double blind placebo controlled study (DBPCS) is justified for certain trials and study's, however, when empirical knowledge is disregarded because it is deemed to lack evidence using the conventionally accepted methodology, it leads to much valuable insight being discredited. There are many different forms of evidence and means of empirical exploration that we have used for millennia to demonstrate the efficacy of a particular modality. The dismissal of such understanding also hints at an under appreciation of the many mechanisms that contribute towards healing. There are so many interrelating factors and overlaying influences at play. For instance, the intention and hypothesis of the researchers, the source of funding, the patients and medics consciousness, the surrounding energy fields and so on. These can influence the outcome of any therapy and even a double blind placebo controlled study. It's really quite hard to have a truly objective study but the DBPCS is the best methodology for that aim. 

As Dr David Hamilton writes extensively about, the power of the placebo effect is very real and should be emphasized when helping someone with their health to get enhanced healing responses. This is where human touch, empathy and compassion is so valuable to support a person's health journey.

How did the ancient health wisdom and modern day science merge into the unified bioenergetic approach to health we are seeing emerge today?

Over the course of the 20th century we see many prominent scientists and researchers all contributing their part in building a more comprehensive understanding of how our bodies work.

If we look back at the start of the 20th century we have the physicist's Max Planck and Einstein discovering the wave-particle duality and the birth of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg questioned Newtonian physics by challenging the cause and effect theory of subatomic particles.
The medical doctor Daniel Benor worked with the principles of non locality in the 1920's, by conducting experiments demonstrating distance healing.

In 1925, a Russian engineer, Georges Lakhovsky was researching our cell's electrical fields. He detected that our nucleus acts as an electrical oscillator similar to a radio transmitter and receiver. His original research was vilified by the scientific community but was later supported by Professor Burr's research, that an electro-dynamic field surrounds our body and assists the organisation of our body. Then in the 1950's we have Dr Reinhold Voll collaborating with Schimmel to develop a device to measure and detect acupuncture points. They found correlations between the electrical resistance of acupuncture points and disease conditions. Their research led to the creation of many devices that use the electrodermal testing techniques.

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Nikola Tesla is legendary for his electrical genius and is credited for bringing us alternative current amongst many other inventions. Unfortunately, it is coming to light more and more that the use of alternative current is actually quite damaging to the human body field that naturally uses DC direct current within the nervous system. However, Tesla also did pioneering work on scaler waves and there potential application in healing modalities.

Royal Rife developed ways to kill certain microorganisms using specific frequencies and the resonance principles. He reportedly had great success eliminating tumours in cancer patients. However, he was heavily condemned by the medical establishment.

Many more discoveries were explored over the course of the century, like Fritz-Albert Popp's ‘biophoton emissions’, Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic field theories, Dr Robert Becker's understanding of EMF fields in relation to bone healing and body electrics, Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi understanding of light waves effect on cellular biology, Gilbert Lings research into the importance of water within biology that was previously seen as a benign substrate for chemical reactions. Ling also has greatly challenged the ATP theory of cellular energy, proving that ATP alone cannot account for the amount of energy used by the cell. Again, water and light are proving to be the key pieces here for helping us understand how life works. Professor Gerald Pollack has done excellent research documented in his book 'The fourth Phase of Water' where he discusses the liquid crystalline structure of water within living cells and its ability to form a wet cell battery. 

Unfortunately, within the western world the biofield concepts were not fully embraced into the conventional medical approach to treating patients, especially in the second half of the century, where the allopathic pharmaceutical approach became more dominate. Even so, we do see a whole host of diagnostic and monitoring equipment such as MRI's, CAT scan, X-rays and so on that utilise the field and quantum aspects of the body. The understanding and application of bioenergetic healthcare is well on its way to becoming mainstream as more funding gets directed that way. The investment to develop and validate these technologies is often substantial. That being said there are a great number of promising technologies that have been developed in Europe and Russia. These include the Oberon, NES infoceuticals and the Sensitiv Imago.

In conclusion, the integration of multiple scientific fields combined with the insights of our ancestral healing lineages has given us many new horizons of possibilities within healthcare. This movement has been possible by building on the pioneering work of many great scientists over the years that worked against the grain of the accepted thought stream.

While the conventional medical model in the western world has advanced greatly in its ability to diagnose illness and manage disease processes, there is still somewhat of a shortfall to an effective system that can facilitate true healingwithin the body. In fact, it seems that one of the problems lies in the mentality of disease management being the accepted norm approach to health.

It has been demonstrated many times that many so called incurable diseases are being resolved by people doing there own research, seeking true second opinions and applying whole person principles to their healthcare. and actually addressing the root cause imbalances, instead of just treating their symptoms. Over the last century there seems to have been many opportunities to adopt and invest research time to develop therapies using the science of our biofield, but it seems the biochemical model for healthcare fit the existing paradigm, was more profitable and was in turn the favoured modality.

We will be sharing many applications and new developments within this exciting field as we
develop the Health Wisdom Institute. Thanks for reading. Quinn 


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