Why Create Health In Your Life?

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Each of us may have a different way of answering this question from our own unique life perspective.

It doesn't matter whether we’re striving to restore our health, maintain our level of health or enhance our health to the next level to really express our full potential on earth, there are many motivational factors that can be relevant to all of us.

We can consider some of these factors with two further distinctions:
  • Being healthy so we can do the things we'd like to do
  • Being healthy so we can feel the way we'd ideally like to feel  

OK, so firstly, if we wish to do things, one of the most influential factors that affect our ability and enjoyment whilst doing activities is our energy  levels. How many times have you wanted to do something but you've felt so exhausted you couldn't bring yourself to do it? Or, you made yourself do something, but you didn't actually enjoy the experience, ending up more depleted than when you started.

I feel one of the main benefits of improving our health  is the increase in energy levels and stamina that we can enjoy. By observing and managing those elements in our lives that drain our energy, which can be relationships, habits, environment, emotional or physical in origin, we can more consciously create our daily experience.

With an abundance of energy we can more easily:
  • access enthusiasm, creativity and solutions
  • discover our unique purpose and pursue our potential
  • express the best of ourselves with our family and community
  • perform at our best within whatever vocation we choose
All of these outcomes can help us create the feeling of fulfilment in our lives.
Then secondly, being healthy so we can feel the way we'd ideally like to feel.
Sadly, so many of us experience pain, fear, anxiety, or a depressed mood as part of our daily life. By creating health, by understanding what creates balance and imbalance, we can more frequently experience the peace, comfort and joy from just being alive. From this place, we can more easily exhibit many positive characteristics such as patience, kindness, and the unconditional love that we often feel is our true nature, but are sometimes too out of our natural balance to express.
Another reason to look after our health is how we feel about ourselves. People that feel healthy generally have a better self image. As we release aspects of ourselves that are not really us, whether by physical cleansing or healing energy work, a radiance shines through that is really palpable when we encounter this in someone.

Creating health = being adaptable to our environment, feeling happy, excited, light in spirit, and appreciative more of the time

Obviously, there are times when it is natural to feel other emotions of life experience, especially when healing trauma from earlier life experiences.  It is healthy to truly embrace and express our many emotions, however, having foundational good health assists us to avoid dwelling too long in a contracted position that can bring prolonged distress.

We believe a special benefit of pursuing vibrant health is our ability to create a positive reality and manifest our dreams. If our cells are happy in our bodies, by encouraging nourishment and cleansing, then our true inner nature resonates out into the world, drawing into our experience the synchronicities, opportunities and inspirational ideas that may assist us to take the next step to really unfolding our unique potential.

© Quinn Bluewood, Soul Integrity Ltd


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